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Intelify, a kind of magic system

//Intelify, a kind of magic system

Intelify unit at Ciudad 2020 office

Ciudad 2020´s goal is to connect the reality that surrounds us. Based on the Intelify unit, we collect the hidden data around us, pre-processes it and send it to our servers where is interpreted it. So far, we are able to know how many people go past a street, the kind of people that come (residents, workers, sporadic people, students, and so on), its frequency passing by, and in large areas, origins and destinations of the population

For us, our core goal while designing the first Intelify unit, was that Intelify need to be perceive like a kind of magic. Just plug it in, and it´s ready to go. You do not need to do anything but log in the website and begin to know all the information that´s happening around. Besides, if you are an store owner or mall operator, you will be able to optimize your personnel. You will know what are the best hours to open, when increase the store sales agents, when do they need to be reinforced and in which stores, based on people walking by, just with what we call the one-click decision button.

How it works

Last week, we announced the release of a brand-new product that is part of the Intelify system. Delivering cards, bracelets, keyfobs or even special rings to your customers and your employees, they will be able to connect their activities to their social networks. To tell “I am here” or “Dave just opened the restaurant” are done with a simple move. Passing the contactless item over the unit, customers and employees will be able to spread out the word that are eating at a restaurant or that the store sales agent just opened the store.

Take for instance this situation. Nowadays, if a woman wants to go the her aesthetician, she has to call the store just to be informed if she is there, if she is available and if there any open slot ahead in the day. She is wasting a lot of time just to know something that would be very easy to know, just log-in the store system. Think on this like a messenger-type status for workers but in the physical world.

Intelify is just an example of what´s going on in the 21st century. As the internet of the things keep happening, actions taken for granted will be disappearing. The world is changing; from behind, Ciudad 2020 is pushing.

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