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Outdoor exhibitions & people flow

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When we sketched-up our product about people flow, we thought that one of its main applications could be to know how many people go to outdoor cultural events and also, what type of people visit them. In a period of public money shortcuts, government need to analyze how well is spent taxpayers´ money. Is it possible that we are allocating too much money for cultural events that are just visited by them same ones over and over?

This last weekend Cordoba had a 3D famous pictures exhibition in 7 different scenarios in the city. In one of them, Plaza de la Compañía, where we have one City Analytics device, we were able to collect data to analyze how people visited the night show that was conducted from 10pm to 2am. Those are the results for the consecutive days. As you can see, the 3D exhibition impact in people flow was big

Transito de personas en la plaza de la Compañía

Tránsito de personas en la plaza de la Compañía

Tránsito de personas en la plaza de la Compañía

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