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Smart Conference Room Signal by Intelify

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Intelify is the platform which connects the physical world to the Internet. Thanks to an array of different technologies we are able to launch automated tasks just waving a card over an Intelily point, scanning a QR code or just approaching your NFC-ready phone to Intelify tags. We envision a world where tasks are performed just with a simple move and no other interaction from the users. Just one click and all type of events are executed.

This is one of our first approaches. What about having smart conference room signals? With just a move, you will be able to get updated information on the conference; checked-in at the place; follow or request to follow speakers from the conference or give feedback in the conference. The only thing you will need a NFC-enabled phone or a QR code. Besides, you can always use our Intelify cards to perform the above-mentioned tasks…with just a move.

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